The Therapies that we offer serve as an additional treatment to assist in patient recovery and healing. All of the following therapies are painless and relaxing. Most patients at Ariya will have certain therapies incorporated into their treatment, in order to assist in their recovery.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation
EMS is a special form of electrical current that involves the application of pads over a muscle region that is injured. The benefits of EMS are: pain reduction, muscle relaxation and strengthening, swelling reduction and increased circulation. Our patients find that the EMS therapy is greatly beneficial for reducing soreness prior to their adjustments.

Intersegmental Traction
ISMT, also known as the “roller bed,” is designed to stretch spinal joints, improve spinal fluid circulation and increase mobility. Patients lay face up on a bed that have roller-type cams beneath its surface that slowly roll up and down the spine. Our patients love to relax on the roller beds prior to their adjustments.

Cold Laser
Cold laser, also known as low level laser therapy (LLLT) or phototherapy, uses low-powered laser light applied to the skin to stimulate a healing response. These lasers emit no heat, sound, or vibration. The light works on a cellular level, by stimulating damaged cells to repair and heal at an accelerated rate. Patients receive significant success from Cold Laser, as it can speed up the healing process up to 40% faster than your body would do without assistance! Cold Laser has been found to be highly effective for the following: osteoarthritis (including the hands), acute injuries (swelling, disc injuries, damaged muscles), pain reduction, tissue regeneration. Our patients love the amazing benefits that they receive from Cold Laser in a short amount of time.

Cervical Traction
Cervical Traction is a device that is specifically applied to the neck region. Patients lay on their backs as their head and neck are lightly stretched in order to improve disc spacing, remove spinal nerve pressure and improve posture.

Therapeutic Ultrasound involves the application of high-frequency sound waves to a region of the body using a gel medium. The benefits of ultrasound include the following: calcium deposit break down (bone spurs), pain relief, reduction of muscle spasms and increase of blood flow to speed up the healing process.


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