Laura has been with the Ariya team since 2010. She grew up in New Jersey but was raised in Argentina the first five years of her life. She’s the smiling face you’ll see at the front desk of the Ashland office. In addition, Laura plays an active and important role as our Patient Appreciation Day Liaison.

Laura was first introduced to Chiropractic care about 18 years ago. She was suffering from severe asthma and was dependent upon several medications to assist in her breathing. She began Chiropractic care and began to see results fairly quickly. Within a short amount of time, she was no longer dependent upon any medication and was much healthier and stronger than she had ever been.

As a result of the positive impact that Chiropractic made on her life, Laura became a Chiropractic Assistant in New Jersey and spoke at various seminars and health fairs about her amazing experience.

Laura has a true passion in her work as a Chiropractic Assistant.  She loves assisted patients at the front desk, as well as having daily one-on-one contact with patients, while performing therapies. She feels blessed to have a career that is based on helping others live a happy and healthy life.