Does it Hurt?

The pressure placed on a child’s or infant’s spine is less than the pressure placed on a ripe tomato.  Parents of children seen at Ariya report that their children are made to feel 100% comfortable and very much look forward to their visits.


When Should My Child Start?

Children are susceptible to trauma to their spines at various stages of their lives.  The very first possibility of trauma can occur during the birthing process (Vaginal or Cesarean), in which the infant spine is stretched and torqued and can result in disturbances to the surrounding nerves.  As babies grow, it is important to have their spines checked periodically in order to ensure that proper postural changes are taking place.  Older children undergo trauma while playing sports, or even when sedentary in slouched positions for long periods of time (using computers and cell phones).  It is important to have their spines checked before and during adolescence in order to prevent future issues, seen in adulthood.

Millions of Children, from birth to age 18, are receiving Chiropractic care for their spinal health.

Parents are understanding the importance of early detection and correction, which can prevent layers of damage from occurring in a child’s delicate nervous system. Accumulated damage can have lifelong consequences. Proper spinal hygiene, like dental hygiene, is a vital key to prevention.

How Can It Help?

Prevention is key!  Several parents report that their children are overall healthier once they are under Chiropractic care.  They are sick less often, have more energy, better concentration and are able to sleep more soundly.

The most common conditions addressed include the following:

Colic, ear infections, nursing difficulties, torticollis, sleep disturbances, bed wetting, gait/walking issues, scoliosis, neck and back pain, frequent upper respiratory infections, asthma, headaches, menstrual cramps, sports-related injuries.

The doctors at Ariya receive several referrals from Pediatricians in the surrounding areas.


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